Things are getting really busy for me with a new job in a new state, so I might not blog for a while. But, this is a great time to give the next round of beta readers some time to read and critique my book!

If you’d like a peek at the latest draft of Miners, it’s now on this site. Each chapter is open to comments, too. It’s a 3-4 hour read.

Kaylee, an academic deserter, and Jorge, a self-described alien, plan a way to beat death by redesigning a dangerous parasite. They find the perfect subject to test their technology on— Matteo, an unlikely criminal with a short lifespan. However, keeping their experimental plans hidden from him may have deadly consequences.

Miners Chapter 01

For a Google Doc version that includes Spanish translation of certain dialogue, click here.

Thanks for giving my stuff a look! Any feedback is highly appreciated!