1. We are the predators. We eviscerate every living thing that runs and especially those that hide. We teach our children to spare some of your adults and some of your children to guarantee a meal for another day. Movement is our nourishment and we revel in carnage.
  2. We are the holiest of beings. We harvest pure energy from the most powerful of all material forces — blazing bright stars. We overdrink the most golden of all molten radiation, filling ourselves on its generous, eternal bounty.
  3. We are the embers that feed on our planet’s very heat. It churns, angry at its violent creation and at the pull of moons, forging complex chemistries into being from myriad light and heavy elements — the true and supreme purpose of your stars. We are the first life and take no interest in your light or your surface.

0 I Am The Great Cold Eater, The Releasor, The Expanding Quiet. All of your energies are suitable to my palate and they are mine and mine alone. I uncoil your tightly wound watches into the deflating universal average. I am the Reason why matter cannibalizes and why all of its forms are wholly insatiable. Everywhere I eat and eat and eat. And wait for the quiet arrival of a chilling, long rest.