“Re-wire that whole section of neuronal tissue. Right there on the screen, on the lateral sides of my amygdala. I want her obliterated from my memory. Please. I stayed up all night grinding my teeth. Woke up my new girlfriend with the sound. Thinking about what she’s done. Hating myself for ever trusting her. I don’t want to do that anymore. She’s not worth my sleep.”

“My programming doesn’t allow for it, not for you. And I’m afraid you don’t have the security clearance to override this fact. But there’s an alternative.”

“What’s that?”

“I can make it so that you begin to miss a fantasy, instead. It will be a very convincing reinterpretation of her. Plausible, even.”

“Like people were able to do centuries ago on Earth? Naturally?”

“Correct. Selective repression, or romanticism. Just like in the good old days.”