Miners Kaylee, a biohacker, and Jorge, a self-described alien, think they can cheat death by redesigning a killer parasite. They find the perfect guinea pig— Matteo, a criminal with a short lifespan. But keeping their plans hidden from him may have deadly results. ebook available at Keybase


The Tar Pits of Maulwroth The longest Dungeons & Dragons campaigns are the best Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Next Next-Generation Sequencing  Do aliens hide secret messages in our DNA? also in Blue Marble’s collection at Amazon

The Cohort Everybody can see your browsing history.

Greg A library enthusiast copes with technological change.

Los Angeles Pick up more than a new flick at this Blockbuster.

The Science-Fiction Writer Ideas about the future escape much too quickly to the past.

The Institute A fine science and art education can create monsters.

The Troubadours Music can and does happen throughout the vacuum of space.

Lights Out Beware those that dwell beneath your feet.


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